Friday, October 2, 2009

Life Changes. But I feel the same.

Ok. It has been a while. Just an update... I got engaged. However, I refuse to become a "bridal blogger." While I appreciate some of their ideas they post, I cannot stand they way that they use acronyms for words that really don't require acronyms. Some of my favorites:
1. STD... No, not those sneaky genital infections that create misery and horror, Save The Dates. That's right, let's use the same acronym for those pesky infections of the southern hemisphere, as the cards we send out letting people know that those pesky infections didn't stop us from loving each other and wanting to spend our lives together... really?
2. FI... as in, FI-ance. I'm assuming this one is because for most of the women who would choose to actually use this acronym, fiance is a far too difficult word for them to spell.
3. MOB... Yes, that stands for Mother Of the Bride. Ironic? Yes. Necessary? Probably not.

In attempt to continue to use this as a cathartic means of expressing what I'm actually feeling, while hopefully injecting a little bit of humor into the process, let me be honest. PLANNING A WEDDING IS OVER-RATED.

That's right. I said it. Out loud. Sort of, if typing somewhat anonymously onto a blog which only my best friend is a follower of counts as "out loud." Nonetheless, the sentiment is the same. I'm almost a month in to being engaged and have not set one single stinking plan into stone. My favorite attempted wedding planning moment thus far was when Randy got frustrated that we hadn't picked a site yet and then stated in the same breath that he doesn't like to look at them online. Only to be followed by "Its about the marriage, not the wedding for me. I don't know if its the same for you... look at all the time and effort you're putting into planning the wedding." I laughed. Out loud, again.

It was in that moment that I knew that I must love him because there is no way that I could have restrained myself from using the bridal books and magazines that were strewn about our living room to beat him until he didn't know which way was up if I didn't. I then explained to him (calmly, of course, thanks to the beer I had earlier) that I was putting in all of that effort as a means of wanting everyone to know how much we love each other. Publicly. Again, with the out loud stuff, I know.

Regardless, we are going on round two of wedding site searching this weekend. We'll see how this turns out. I feel hopeful that it will be a better outcome. That almost made me sound like one of those "bridal bloggers" so I think I better stop typing now. Out loud.

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